sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

The question that begs!

 (read: If tomato is a fruit, then is ketchup juice?)

The question that begs:

If the STF (Supreme Federal Court) has desperate ministers, and other results manipulators;

If the only oasis of seriousness is an organ in which one inspector keeps saying all that should investigated in silence, and never reaches any result; 

If always that it is spoken about investigating and judging the mensalão scandal newer misdeeds of the opposition are found, silencing the contrarian voices;
If the judiciary is immersed in a sea of mud;
If the legislative is corrupt, inefficient and incapable of representing the people;
If the executive deviates funds, creates uncountable organs where more than 80% of the resources destined to any sector of society;
If 40% of all the wealth of the country is tainted by a State in the form of taxes, and is destined of anything that is not productive;

(read: on the doctors coat: opposition. The man is saying “I don’t see anything!)

If the CPIs and CPMIs of the legislative are only vanity and political negotiation’s tools;

I ask:
How is it that this country is not like Greece?
Admirable these people, because only with the northeastern courage we are able to survive!

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