sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

The psychiatrist and the penologist

There was a place in which all repeated in time!
There was a place where a great romanticist wrote an exemplary work!
There was a place where the Psychiatrist decided that, after everyone else, he himself should be internee, because, after all, all were alienated, crazy and foolish

Another day I realized:

That there was another place, where everything again repeated in time!
There was in this same place, a great penologist, who wrote a new Criminal Code!
In this same place, in which there was the penologist, he and all the other toga-wearing wise decided that they should all be arrested, for such, much like the psychiatrist, and put himself to create all kinds of criminal types, and the fact is that inexorably, one day, maybe due to coherence, he himself maybe arrested, because, after all, they would all be foolish, outcast criminals.

My God, isn’t so that Machado de Assis was psychic, because, after all, if we continue to criminalize all human behaviors, there will not be anything left to acquit our humanity, so, the last who enters, throws the key of the lock into the Atlantic!

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