sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

L'Origine du monde

Fountain of pleasure...
True place where there is love,
Where we find peace,
Where differences dilute,
Where justice is done,
Where there is freedom,

Origin of the world,
Of the world we think of,
Of the world we live in,
Of the world we wish for,

Everything is where it should be,
When we are in the origin of the world,
As small and scared little boys,
As pupils,
As desirers,
As beggars.

It is the origin of the world that…
There is all this beauty…
All the power…
All the truth…
All the strength…
All the love!

It is in the origin of the world…
That the master becomes the slave,
Timidly the powerful,
Begs pleasure of the fragile.
It is in the origin of the world…
That the world starts making sense,
Where all feelings are gifts…
Where all feelings are power…
But absolutely, powerful!

Origin of the world…
Of all its good, all that is well!
Evil… their lack!
The knowledge, eternal life,
Contemplating the beauty,
Of the Origin of the World!

Laércio Lopes de Araujo
canvas " L'Origine du monde" by Gustav Courbet.
Version by: Pedro Henrique Carvalho da Costa

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