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Politically Incorrect Guide to Philosophy

Divided by themes, the work is based on concepts defended by great philosophers from around the world to approach subjects like capitalism, religion, women, human instincts, prejudice, happiness and cowardice. If even the airport has become a barbecue on a slab, the most optimistic future for the world is to be tacky.
The “Politically Incorrect Guide to Philosophy” is not a book about the history of philosophy, but rather an essay about the daily philosophy. Luiz Felipe Pondé, the ironic sinner, confesses a moral lie, universal in society: the politically correct.
Because, deep inside, you know you have also found your friend’s joke to be funny.
What do I think:
Pondé’s new book is even more inquisitive and provoking and, because of that, more brilliant! As he himself affirms “This is not a book about the history about philosophy, but a philosophically ironic essay, more specifically an essay of philosophy irony which dialogues with philosophy and history. Moved by a specific intention: be unpleasant to a specific kind of people (which, I hope, is you or someone you know) or, maybe, for a kind of behavior (which, I hope, is yours or of some of your friends). (…) This book is the confession of an ironic sinner about a moral lie: the politically correct.”
I am beginning to read it, since it concludes the reading of a few books on my headboard, tell by the way, there are a bunch of piles there, but unfortunately, God made the day with only 24 hours, which shows his lack of prescience. A day with only 24 hours is absolutely insufficient to answer all the human desires, a much less is capable of to account all our resting necessities, leisure, instruction, acquisition of knowledge, drink well, eat well, love well, regardless, it was a horrible mistake!
However, I cannot stop reading, as such, I recommend vividly Ponde’s book, for being intelligent, intriguing and brilliant. You may disagree with his ideas, but if you defend until death his rights to publish, so be right, be part of a select group of human beings truly human, enlightened, be as they do not want to be saints, nor demons, or wrong, convicts of the truths of the sacred scriptures, nor informed by the plague of the self-help and, lastly, free of the mortal sins of the politically correct!
I have said!

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