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voluntary interruption of pregnancy

Sexuality’s history is a fundamental theme that has always aroused a big interest in sociology, politics, religion and everyone’s Rights, branches of the human knowledge that try to interpret and suit the changes on humanity’s mentality in all its centuries.
When we study the sexual practices and birth rate control, we realize that historians and lawyers concluded that these are phenomena in constant transformation, that point to cultural characteristics to the periods they are inserted.
Abortion is then a water-divisor in the moral of religions and cultures. For religious reason, many are still against the voluntary interruption of the pregnancy in any of its stages. There are also those who accept it in its first months, even against their beliefs. Maybe these people accept it due to knowledge that, every year, 200.000 women die from abortions in subhuman conditions, product of the prejudice and the arbitrariness of a hypocrite morality. Since 1946, more than 12 million women, who did not want or could not have children, have died. They paid with their lives our ignorance, a holocaust multiplied by two, in the name of moral and the good costumes. On what does this genocide differ, on its principles, from the German laws from 1933-1945?
On 2000 years of Christianity, there has been a big change in the theological opinion on this behalf, going from the radical prohibition of abortion up to its acceptance, according to the concept of animation, which for men occurred with 40 days of life, and women on the 80th. It was said that abortion would only be a sin if the fetus was animated, shaped; with human-like characteristics, a doctrine which prevailed for fifteen centuries. As such, it is to ask why modern spirituality has not become more flexible, and not more severe and completely off the social and cultural reality of the contemporary occidental society.
And the problem of the complex, unpleasant and painful abortion, which cannot be removed from the public agenda, even with all the effort from puritans to prevent its mature and rational discussion. The omission or superficial treatment of the theme does not do any good to a society capable of looking back, while every year thousands of young women and adolescents, in their majority poor, die, because not discussion abortion is also a form of economical selection. Not to forget that many more suffer grave injuries as consequence of unsafe and social and moral stigma heavy abortions.
It is important to comprehend that this is not an apology for abortion, to propagandize abortion, or even convince one against it to become in favor of it. It is an alert, so that no one has to go through an unwanted pregnancy. The human being does not deserve said condition! This discussion seeks a double effect: on the one hand, enable the truth of the facts to all, beyond declarations of principles and the law. On the other hand, allow the knowledge of the development that the theme has acquired as a collective process.
There is a lot to do so that there can be a collective change of conscience, so that legal advances, like the one with the 3th PNDH, can face the eternal confusion of State and Church.
It is about decriminalizing the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption, without any violence on unwanted maternity of the women, and so that she is the last judge on the birth of a new human being.

Version by: Pedro Henrique Carvalho da Costa

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